G for George – Australian’s most Famous Lancaster Bomber

G for George is one of Australia’s most famous Lancaster Bombers. Part of the squadron of 500 Lancaster’s that flew over Berlin and bombed it during WWII. The assault didn’t go so well between the horrible stormy weather and enemy fighter planes  (Messerschmitt’s being the most common) G for George was one of only two Lancaster bombers to return safely to allied airspace (the other being S for Sugar), and G for George came back with all of its crew members alive. Making a total of 89 bombing runs over its career G for George defiantly earned its wings and is probably Australia’s most well-known plane.

The Bomber was left to decay after its run during WWII and was forgotten at the Fairbairn Royal Australian Air Force base until 1954 upon which it was taken to the Australian war memorial and had been on display until 1999 where it went into restoration. The intent of the restoration was to keep it as authentic to its original form as possible. The Bomber is now fully restored and on display at the Australian war memorial for all to see.

A few people who were the crew of the plane consisted of Flying Officer Critchley: Pilot, Flying officer Samson: Wireless Operator, Flight Sergeant Armstrong: Navigator, Flight Sergeant Brown: Bomb Aimer, Shaw: Rear Gunner, G. Knott: Flight Engineer, and W.Starkey: Mid Upper Gunner. Though the crew may have rotated some members between runs.