The Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers



While we are familiar with what a war looks like when we send our soldiers, sailors and airmen into a conflict, the Australian Defence Force is often called upon to provide other tasks such as humanitarian aid in the Tsunami disaster in Aceh in 2004, Cyclone Yasi hear at home and also into conflict zones where we are not fighting a war. The United Nations in particular calls upon its member states to provide Peacekeeping or Peacemaking forces to assist in stabilization efforts throughout the world. This unique group of servicemen has their own organization that represents them called the Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veterans Association (APPVA). (Click here for welfare services)


An Australian UN soldier carries a Hutu orphan chi

An Australian UN soldier carries a Hutu orphan child              

Australian troops are currently deploying on humanitarian missions as well as tasks to destroy and degrade the capability of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, in the past they have also deployed to such places as Rwanda, Somalia, Kuwait, Persian Gulf, Lebanon, East Timor, the many more. Our thoughts and support to the families back here in Australia go out to the troops deploying at this time as well as those in other operations around the world.

Key members of the AAPVA have joined our Sub-Branch and together we are demonstrating that we are all part of one community who share common needs and desire to contribute to the wellbeing and welfare of veterans.   The Sub-Branch is now a hive of activity as these dedicated men and women are in the clubhouse most days meeting with veterans and conducting their advocacy needs. This has been a service, which we have in recent years been unable to provide ourselves and thank Sherwood-Indooroopilly Sub-Branch for doing it on our behalf.

The Peacekeepers and Peacemakers as members of the Sub-Branch have taken up the responsibility to provide advocacy services to all veterans, we now have a one-stop shop at our clubhouse to provide all veterans services.

Former State President and Sub-Branch member Eric Kay founded the APPVA quite some time ago now, being a former peacekeeper himself on the Sub-continent and in the Kashmir in the 1960’s. It is fantastic to see the men and women from across the generations of peacekeepers and peacemakers taking such an active role in the Sub-Branch, well done.


“Lest We Forget”

Watchful eye

Monitoring the airfield – Baucau East Timor