What Happened in July?

On the 27th in this month of July, Korean Veterans day will be commemorated across our nation.  It was on that day in 1953 that the Armistice ending the Korean War was officially signed.  There are also many other significant events that have occurred in the month of July in our history.

In today’s digital age and the introduction of the World Wide Web, it is often easy to overlook the changes in technology that occurred in the past and the effect that these have had on the generations who have come before us.  The great call to arms that occurred in World War I are famous for the son’s, brother’s, mates and fathers who flocked from all over Australia to recruit training camps to begin their military service.  One of the most significant events that allowed information to be communicated across our “Wide Brown Land” occurred in the month of July.  Connecting us to the rest of the world and bringing news instantly across the oceans, the very first broadcast was received by telegraph in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in July 1872 when the Overland telegraph from Darwin to Adelaide was completed.

It was also in July, 35 years later in 1907 that the very first telephone call was made between Sydney and Melbourne.

The strain of leading the nation through World War II led to the death of Prime Minister John Curtin who passed away on the 5th July 1945, the toll on our servicemen was immense during not only this time but in all conflict and while not involved on operations, the contribution of our leaders should not be overlooked either.

Australian’s have served as colonial troops in many campaigns before the first AIF troops landed on the shores of Gallipoli in 1915, it was in July 1900 that 451 Australian volunteers supported British forces in China during the Boxer rebellion.  Our thoughts and respect are with all servicemen on active duty and recognition of the sacrifices, which they and those before them have contributed to the  freedom in our lives today.

“Lest we Forget.”