With Honour We Serve

It was a moving experience to see friends and neighbours all come out onto their driveways this morning as we commemorate the sacrifices those who have served on this most unusual of Anzac Days.

Some of you may recognise the motto of the Queensland Police Service as the title of this article; the reason for that is because a former Inspector with 26 years service sent me a message to say “thank you for your service” and then shared with me how emotional today’s experience was in comparison to past Dawn Services. It is certainly a very difficult time that we find ourselves in and we cannot underestimate the emotional costs that isolating at home will have on people.

We all have stories to share about our own service or the service of loved ones who came before or are still wearing a uniform today. Please remember that we all serve in different ways and that’s what I love about this country! The “Care Army” helping support vulnerable Australians who can’t get out at the moment is just as important as the men and women who have fought overseas protecting the freedoms we hold so dear.

Here is one story of a young Australian who did not return from the Second World War while serving our Country.

Flying Officer Evan Charles Patten DFC is the great uncle of my friend from the Police service. He is proud to have these original documents, and they are certainly an important part of our history. The airmail letter at the bottom is a letter F/O Patten sent to his mum on the day that he went on his last mission and was shot down over Dortmund Germany. It was a letter of hope and sadness and love and is really quite incredible. 

They had flown a significant number of missions and were shot down over Dortmund Germany and crash-landed with all surviving. They tried to evade the German Forces but ended up getting captured. The SS executed the Officers and the flight crew were sent to a prisoner of war POW camp.

The true story of the fate suffered by the officers eventually came out thanks to the surviving NCO aircrew. 

All gave some, some gave their All

“Lest we Forget”